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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to Acct101

Re: When will we be able to watch all Phils games in HD?

said by Acct101:

When I downgraded my service a few months ago, they renewed my contract. It saved me like $70 a month so it was well worth it.

Is the early termination fee $360? I can't seem to confirm it.


Should be in the paperwork you received. I believe ETF is pro-rated over the life of the contract.


New Castle, DE
reply to Acct101
A FIOS sales rep showed up at my door about an hour ago attempting to win me back from Comcast. Told him one of the reasons why I left was that FIOS did not have TCN in HD and he insisted they have it. He was flipping through some papers (looked like channel breakdowns by category) and he said look there it is Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. I had to school him on the difference between CSN Philly and TCN. After he told me today was his second day on the job I felt kinda bad for the guy...


Exton, PA
said by S10driver35:

I had to school him on the difference between CSN Philly and TCN.

One is good and the other is good for about 3 to 6 hours per week every April and sometimes in May.

Bensalem, PA
·Verizon FiOS
·T-Mobile US
reply to Acct101
Well I am officially over at Xfinity and watch the Phils game last night in HD. The HD channels have just as good a picture as FIos, I am enjoying the faster internet and smoother on-demand movies.

I am not meaning to be sarcastic, Fios internet is better for me. Could it have been the fact that my Fios modem was installed here back in 2008?