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Re: Texting and driving

So, it’s A-OK, if my car had an integrated navigation system w/Bluetooth audio. But you want me brought up on criminal charges if I use my phone for Google Navigation? It’s perfectly fine to press a button to change a radio station or pop in a new CD, but I can’t use the Sirius XM or Pandora app to switch what I’m listening to?

Umm, no not gonna happen. Due to the voice recognition capabilities for the smartphones on the market, it’s pretty much safer and less of a struggle to dictate functions to your phone then reach over and play with buttons on the dash. I used Google Nav all the time for work, while streaming Sirius XM. When I text and drive I usually (but not always) use the voice commands. And quite frankly, I don’t give a shit, NY State was the first to ban talking and driving, but I always talk and drive w/o a hands free thing. I personally know of not one single person who has ever been ticketed for cell phone use. I notice more cops than ever using cell phones while driving or playing on their Panasonic Toughbooks. When I’m out and about I will hold the phone down and put it on speaker when the radar detector goes off, just to be on the safe side and bring the phone back to my ear as soon as the threat is over. And when driving in an urban setting, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been in various cities and been at red lights next to cops while on my cell phone and they don’t care. Those are real cops with real crime to fight, they’re not tax collectors. They have stabbings to respond to and domestics to break up that are more important than collecting extra revenue for the city in the form of cell phone violations. Stupid nanny state laws like banning cell phones while driving has nothing to do with ‘to serve and protect’ it’s more like ‘to serve and collect’.

If you would like to pay the $1,500 to $2,000 and set me up an appointment at a local Ford dealer to replace my radio with the in-dash Lincoln Factory Nav system, I would be more than happy to oblige, but for the time being, I’ll just use my smartphone, thank you very much.
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