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Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA
reply to battleop

Re: Special model

No crazier than GOP officials, whether local or national. You have to admit, there is some major crazy going on in that party right now.
Teabaggers: Destroying America is Priority #1


Bronx, NY
They always been crazy...we are just hearing it now thanks to so much media devices and people talking about it 24/7 and no surprise that West V is the first one taking the lead on the looney policies. Look if this was the case then law enforcement should give people tickets for driving while texting and talking on the phone. Which is the norm if you pay attention while driving. Look Im not a fan of google glass but if you want to minimize the safe risk i know google will come with a driving mode. Every IOS,android,BB,Win 8 phone has this feature so what makes then thing that Google won't implement then on glass?. Only the GOP will think otherwise. LOL


Pleasant Hill, MO
reply to fuziwuzi
There is crazy shit going on in both parties. All ether of them want is for us to be their bitches and to rule over us 100% and take all out freedoms.