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[Cable TV] CMTS Active cable modems

I need a mib object to find the number of active cable modems in a for DOCSIS 3.0 standard.. we have mib objects for DOCSIS 1.0 and DOCSIS 2.0 like below

For Total cable modems in a CMTS - cdxCmtsCmTotal
For Active cable modems in a CMTS - cdxCmtsCmActive
For Registered cable modems in a CMTS - cdxCmtsCmRegistered

For DOCSIS 3.0 we have mib parameters for Registered cable modem as well as total cable modems, and operational cable modems, but i dont know how to know all active cable modems from a CMTS view in DOCSIS 3.0.

I used following mib objects for calculate number of total and registered cable modem in a CMTS in DOCSIS 3.0 is through docsIf3CmtsCmRegStatusValue

There's sand in my tool bag
Do you work for Cisco? If so, this is something you should already know, since you produce CMTS's.

This isn't the place to ask that type of question.