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Atlanta, GA

Cisco 7500 black screen and lockup

I recently had Uverse TV installed and have 3 Cisco receivers. 1 x 7500 dvr and 2x 7000 non-dvr. I also have Uverse voip and internet. The rg is the 3812V for bonded pairs. All receivers are fed by direct run Ethernet cat6 cables under 60 feet. No wireless.
My max line rate is 51000, and no line errors. Line is very clean. The attenuation is 19 down/15 up, and the noise margin is 29 down/31 up. Upstream power is 5.8 dbm.

The 7500 dvr locks up every few hours with remote activity. If I turn on a channel and do not use the remote, it has never locked up even after a full day (left on over night). It seems to occur when I am performing a large amount of remote control functions like guide browsing, or setting up favorites, etc.

It will only restart by removing the power cable. Holding in the power button will not restart it. The power button light remains lit even when it locks up. At that point it will not respond until the power cord is removed and re-inserted.

Anyone have any experience with this.


Union City, GA
If you are on bonded pair then you have an inid on the side of your house. With bonded pair set top boxes work better when they are fed with coax coming out the inid. The DVR being fed on Ethernet takes up too much bandwidth so your boxes will black out from time to time


Atlanta, GA
Thanks for the reply. I just need to clarify what you are saying.

The inid (with the Rg3812V) has been installed in my basement instead of outside. This Rg does not have a built in wireless AP.
From the inid in the basement is a 2 foot Ethernet cable to a netgear gigabyte switch. From that switch, 3 Ethernet cables (cat6) feed the 3 receiver set top boxes. (There is a 4th Ethernet cable from the netgear switch feeding my computer lan in the home.)
There is a coax connector available in the inid that I could use to feed the receivers instead of the Ethernet.

Is that what you are saying I need to do - remove the Ethernet cables and connect coax to each receiver from the Inid? (I already have coax installed to each room that has a receiver).

By the way, another issue just popped up. If I am downloading a very low quality home video, the voip quality gets so bad it is almost impossible to have a conversation. Could this be the same issue or is the RG set up wrong for managing bandwidth between voip, TV and internet?

Thanks for the input.


Atlanta, GA
I do need to correct one thing. Only 2 of my receivers (including the DVR) are being fed via Ethernet through the netgear switch. The third (non-dvr receiver) is being fed by coax from the Inid in the basement.


reply to switcher7
Your probably mixing the receiver multicast traffic with your non-IGMP compliant network stuff. You can't use the ethernet port on the iNID for receivers and your network stuff, has to be either or.
If you want to put your network stuff on the ethernet you will need to have your TV install moved to coax and wifi (the WAP fed from the inside unit on twisted pair).


Atlanta, GA
Thanks for the reply. I moved all 3 of the TV receivers to coax and off of the Ethernet. The voip service problem - choppiness (which I could cause on any phone call by downloading large files) went away completely. As far as the dvr lock ups, I will have to wait and see if it happens any more.

Thanks again for the help from both of you. I appreciate it.



Atlanta, GA

Re: Uverse w/bonded pair RG wiring

I have continued to work on this since so many people say that Ethernet is better than coax.

I am provisioned by bonded pairs so I have a 2wire Inid 3812V and an I38HG wireless AP.

I have determined, based on the 2wire user manual for the 3812V/I38HG, that my install was wired incorrectly. The following applies to a triple play customer with Uverse for voip, internet and iptv.

The hookup method below does not use the Ethernet port inside the Inid (3812V) at all. The Inid Ethernet port is not enabled from the factory because you do not need to use it.

The proper install is to connect the wireless AP (I38HG) data port to voip line 1. That can be done inside the Inid (3812V) or by just connecting the I38HG data port to any household phone jack that is fed by the Uverse voip (using a standard phone RJ11 cable).

You can then connect the iptv's via Ethernet cat5 to the AP (I38HG) Ethernet ports.

For internet access by home lan/computers, you also connect the home lan via Ethernet to a port on the I38HG. If you need more ports, just run an Ethernet cable from the I38HG to a gigabyte switch.

With this wiring arrangement I can feed the Iptv's with Ethernet and I do not experience any VOIP quality of service issues, with 2 HD TV's running on HD channels, and downloading files to a computer utilizing 7-8 mbs.

My original setup was feeding the IPTV's and lan via the Inid (3812V) ethernet port through a netgear gigabyte switch, and not utilizing the I38HG at all. This arrangement creates VOIP quality of service issues if you are running HD TV and internet downloads of any significance, even less than the 7-8 mbs I was using above.