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reply to travisdh1

Re: Gary Howell demonstrates the stupidity of government.

said by travisdh1:

We know nothing about how google glass will actually work.

No, this is what you choose to make yourself believe that. It's common knowledge that these glasses will be used to overlay various information directly to a user and record video.

There is no other way to white wash it. This is what these glasses will do and yes people will use it while driving which is why they are considering a law.

Who's to say they don't have the system detect when you're behind the wheel?

Unless they're able to pack a human brain in one of these glasses, this is impossible to detect when anyone is behind a wheel but some GPS devices do detect when a user is in motion and have an option to disable certain features but most people disable it anyway.

It could probably be the best thing to ever happen for a driver by making sure they're paying attention to the road and not nodding off.

And and and maybe it'll keep my car fueled and my tires inflated without stopping so I agree, lets throw common sense out the window and stock up on these babies!

We just don't know at this point and trying to pass legislation to ban them is just wrong.

Again "You" not "We" choose to make yourself believe that you don't know.

Mr. Howell, you have no idea yet if these devices will be a distraction or a driving aide. Go away and work on a real problem.

Google will always call it an aid because they want to sell this crap, they are no different from the cigarette companies.

Stay off the roads, stay out of my face and take your google glasses, turn them sideways and sho... well you know the rest.