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Saint Paul, MN

You don't need a doscis 3 modem for the Performance upgrade.

I'm on the Performance speed and just got upgraded to the 20/4 speed tier. This site says it's a doscis 3.0 tier:
»Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »What are the actual Provisioned Speeds?
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•Performance: 20000 kbps / 4000 kbps ( DOCSIS 3.0 tier Upgrade)

However, I still have a doscis 2 modem and look at my speed test results!:

So, even though it's a doscis 3.0 tier, you don't need a doscis 3.0 modem to see the new speeds!
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Technically true, but as soon as someone starts a download on the same downstream channel, your speeds will take a dump.

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reply to fonzbear2000
While you may be getting your speed, if you rent your modem, you really should think about getting it swapped. 20-25/4 is the limit Comcast put on D2 modems. You won't regret the upgrade and you'll have room to go faster at the touch of a button if you want.

If you bought your modem, you might wanna consider snagging either of these: » ··· le+modem


» ··· a+sb6141

Either of these are 8x4 and will work greats for the next years to come. Plus, you'll get all the benefits of Docsis 3.


Saint Paul, MN

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reply to fonzbear2000
I actually was running on a SB5100 until last week, I was on the blast plan and it always maintained 35+Mb/s speeds with that old 2.0 modem. My neighborhood is fairly quiet with mostly older families so I never noticed any big drops in speed during "busy" hours.

After the latest speed bump though, I decided to run out to that 'yellow tag place' and grab a SB6141 they had on sale for $90. My results after the upgrade are a decent bump in speeds, but honestly I don't notice it much while browsing around. Downloading large files I certainly do notice a difference though, it's roughly twice as fast as it was before.

Looks like I'm in the same area as you, here's one of my better results:

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to Oedipus
said by Oedipus:

Technically true, but as soon as someone starts a download on the same downstream channel, your speeds will take a dump.

yea cause a node only supports 8 users.
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reply to fonzbear2000
I would get a D3 modem as the perform better in general as you are spreading the load on the node over several channels as opposed to one.

It's not a matter of if but when Comcast declares all D2 modems as end of life and they discontinue supporting them. They just kicked all the DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 modems off their network.

The Best Buy here has a ton of 5100s on the shelf that just sit there but the 6141s sell like hot cakes.

They will probably put the 5100s on clearance soon.