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Tucson, AZ
·Cox HSI


It would be a good thing in my household to have OTA TV for use on our igizmos
We don't buy any TV, enough for us on all the free locals

I found this
»www.amazon.com/SiliconDust-HDHom ··· points=1

and not clear about needing an eyetv in the loop to stream to an iPad

Anyone ever use one of these guys with an iPad?


Sacramento, CA
from their website:
Stream your HDTV live on your iPad and iPhone throughout your wireless network. There are 3 different ways to stream:
• Use the InstaTV Pro app on your iOS device to directly stream channels on newer iOS devices from your HDHomeRun
• Use Elgato’s EyeTV software running on your Mac and the EyeTV app running on your portable device to stream live and recorded TV to any device running iOS 3.2 or later
• Use the InstaTV Server software running on your Windows PC and the InstaTV app to stream live TV to iOS 5+ devices.

and this site has more about instatv:

Shady Bimmer
Northport, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Liberty
I have both the referenced HDHR Dual as well as the cable-card-ready HDHR Prime. Both operate the same. The dual has two tuners while the prime has three tuners. If you aren't subscribing to any cable programming the prime currently is not of interest to you (see below).

The HDHR units are network-based tuners. You need something that can control the tuners (select tuner and change channel) and something that can receive the stream, decode, and display. For now this means you need something running on a PC or Mac such as eyeTV to control the HDHR, even if you are only streaming to an iPad.

However, there is a beta program running (Project: Connect) with the prime to add DLNA support directly to the HDHR. This means you would be able to control and view from the HDHR on your iPad without something like eyeTV running on a Mac (or PC). An app on the iPad would be able to do everything. It only appears that this will be for the Prime (and later), however, so you may never see this with the original Dual you referenced.

SiliconDust manufactures the HDHR devices and is at »www.silicondust.com/ Their forums are decently active and may be a better place to ask this question: »www.silicondust.com/forum2/ There are a few forums that may be of interest.


Tucson, AZ
reply to Liberty
Thanks for the links

Question The Current Paradigm
Da Bronx
·Optimum Online
·Clearwire Wireless
reply to Liberty
I have been using Hauppauge box for over a year now to access OTA Tv. It plays nice with my iPad. Have not used it with my iPhone. But no problem with Mac Safari and iPad.

The unit serves OTA via a web server on your local network. It also has a DVR facility whereby it can save TV programs to a USB connected drive. There is also a way to access it over the Internet, but I have never used that facility.

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