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Jersey City, NJ
reply to rconaway8

Re: Who cares?

It's like the guy going to bed every night saying that it will rain the following day. After many days of no rain it suddenly rains and he jumps in glee and says, "You see, I told you, I told you!" That my friends doesn't mean he knows a damn about weather forecasting.They can be out to get you and yet you can still be paranoid. Being paranoid doesn't mean you know. You're putting the cart before the horse there buddy. Play on words and the mind. Kinda like, which comes first the chicken or the egg?


Phoenix, AZ
Nobbie16, I suggest that you join Infraguard and sit it on some of the Homeland Security briefings and security seminars. Janet Napolitano is clueless but the departments under her know the real story. ZTE and Hauwei are only the tip of the iceberg. Any guesses why the government doesn't buy Lenovo any more? The NSA has also found backdoors in Kapersky and Cybersitter as other more lower profile examples. But hardware is the worst and hardest to find these issues. And Hauwei has helped not only the military, they help civilian contractors steal bids worldwide, some of them for surprisingly few dollars for the sizes of the contracts, based on stolen data.