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Re: benefit of the doubt

said by me1212:

said by Packeteers:

the fact is OTA station ratings keep dropping while cableTV only based station ratings continue to rise. compare any award show now to a decade ago, and you find far more cableTV shows are winning industry recognition than OTA stuff.

OTA has crap like the big bang theory and 2 1/2 men, cable has the walking dead. yeah yeah cable has 16 years old knocked up but theres more choices on cable where has most ota "primetime" is sitcoms or "dramas" that have been done to death. OTA just doesn't have as much good tv.

Good tv?

You mean there's such a thing? TV totally sucks the big green one, IMO, no matter how you get it! Total waste of time and money, but darn wife won't let me get rid of it!

I think I'd prefer OTA as it at least doesn't have so many channels that are totally useless.
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