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Re: Use to be the other way around

Totally depends on location. Yep, digital can be finicky. Unlike analog digital is "line of site" and highly directional in nature. I'm lucky that in Albuquerque all the antennas are in the same location on top of the Sandias (11000 feet) and Albuquerque is around 5k-6k feet. I'm able to use a couple of cheap flat indoor antennas (they look like black books) and you don't even notice them near my two TV's. I have an unobstructed view of the Sandia's from my house and have no problem keeping the 80 percent signal lock to watch OTA. If you have issues there are two rules: Go higher on the antenna and bigger. If the OTA stations are in different directions you will need to rotate as well since digital is highly directional and you need to lock in around 80 signal strength. Its all or nothing with digital unlike analog. I cut my dish about 4 years back and I have saved over 3500 dollars and don't miss it. Got tired of paying Disney huge carriage fees for ESPN and not being able to anything about the carriage extortion from all the channel bundling. Our Government does noting to regulate it and it leaves only one option to protest which is to cut the cord.