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Network congestion study..

I'd like to hear what if any network capacity study there may be on the wireless carriers networks as well. As a Verizon HomeFusion customer, I'm only allowed an extremely low data cap of 30GB of month and $10 per 1GB over. Every damn bill I've received since signing up on January has been $200 or more a month.

I live out in the sticks.. I can't afford to move somewhere else to get a wireline internet connection. I've already tried both satellite internet providers and they price gouge as well for having a broadband connection with an extremely low data cap.

It's pretty sad that my internet connection costs more than any utility bill I receive each month..


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
A couple of items to reduce bandwidth usage and save some big bucks..

Start watching your PC usage by watching the appropriate "local area connection status" page(windows).. (mine is USB hardwired and separate from the rest of my local network, so it's fairly accurate).

Stop using IE..
Install the latest Firefox browser... Then install the following firefox add-ons ..

"No script", "Flash Block" and "Ad block plus" so you can control who and what your PC is down loading when you visit a web page.

Nearly every web page has ton's of useless crap added to them. Sometimes you have to experiment enabling various site specific(no script) websites to view content, but it keeps the bandwidth usage down.

Keep your Inet video usage down to less than 10 hours a month.

Reward, I routinely use less than my 5GB of my monthly 4G allotment(after that it's 60kb/s 2G time).. (Note: I keep my vid usage down to a couple of hours a month.)

I cut the At&t cord a year ago, saved >70$ month and never looked back.


reply to LTE4LIFE
All 'both' of my local providers have a 5gb cap with relatively high prices. I would be elated with "only" 30gb. But, due to network congestion, we could never really reach the 5gb cap. Barely hitting 1.2mb during off-peak and nearly as fast as dial-up during peak.