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London, ON

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reply to technocar2

Re: [TV] Where to get a cheap digital converter TV box?

said by technocar2:

»www.factorydirect.ca/Canada-Onta ··· 006045/0

You can try this one, it should work, as its ATSC; if it doesn't then just return it. You will have to scan for the channels once you have it hooked up to the rogers cable outlet.

Sadly, this one won't work either. Bought 2 of these same models to try what the OP wants on my analog cable with zero results.
You're right, you have to scan for channels but the box only scans for/recognizes digital channels and ignores the available analog channels completely. Returned one unopened box and sold the other on Kijiji.
If you have analog cable you're SOL without the Rogers issued digital adapter which I heard needs to be activated by Rogers like a modem (not sure).

There are a few digital channel signals available over the analog cable (using the Homeworx Hw100stb Digital Converter Box) but these fade in and out and it's not like watching TV as we know it. You can lock in on the channel signal for a while and then it disappears as if the frequency is not locked in. Strange stuff.