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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: Full

said by PaulGo:

Also a way many consumers can save money is not to get triple play but just get a bundle of TV and Internet. Ooma was rated the top telephone VOiP provider by Consumer Reports and in many instances was as good as or better than Cable providers. I found a considerable savings by switching to Ooma since just the taxes and fees that Cable providers charge is far in excess of what Ooma charges. In my area I pay less than $4.00 per month in taxes and fees while for my cable provider it was closer to $10 per month plus even in a bundle the cost of telephone service is at least $20 per month after the promotional period expires.

Don't forget the possible number portability co$t to switch service providers in many cases are surcharged in the amount of $40. With Ooma, you just plug in w/ your new ISP and it's done. Provided you have reliable cell for 911, that's the way to go.

The bigger problem is if you want stand-alone internet, not even cable companies want to offer you a discount for switching anymore for just one service. Plus the price & offerings have been getting anti-competitive in the last 2 years in particular despite the way off in the distance glimmer of Google fiber passing a few hunreds thousand homes. The attidue of the ISP is to gouge everybody if the cheapskates refuse to buy phone & video from them in a bundle and use their internet to get those services free or cheap.

Google Fiber has taken years to roll out in Kansas City, and that was the city with the least red tape and cheapest build out. At this rate they won't be in a second city for years, let alone a serious build.


reply to tmc8080
Standalone Internet here with WOW. We pay $40/mo., which is the price for the first year for 15/2 service. Switched from Insight/Time Warner because they kept upping the price- 11% increase first year and then 8% the second year. Switching every year or two takes care of this inflation somewhat. It seems they (cable companies) won't do business for less than this price floor because they also offer 2/1 for $40/month. We would switch to a standalone 5-7/1 plan if they offered it for $20-$30/mo.

As far as quality, WOW had a line problem in our neighborhood and it took them a week to fix it. But fix it they did, and they also credited our account for the week of sporadic disruptions. All is good now on WOW and I believe their Internet service is slightly better than TW with lower pings on the speed tests.