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Glendale, AZ

[Speed Issues] 4-6pm video streaming issues, yet good pings, pat

I often access my Slingbox and video cams from Charter (30/4) Yakima, WA to Cox (25/25) in Phoenix. For most of the day performance is excellent.

Often from 4pm to 6pm, video streaming performance from Yakima drops down to nearly unwatchable. I assume this is just terrible "contention" during these hours, so I've more or less accepted that.

However, nearly all pings, pathpings, etc done from Phoenix during these problem hours shows fast response, nearly no dropped packets, etc. I would expect to see my Slingbox and video cam problems confirmed by tools like ping and path ping, but that's not the case.

If I remote in to Yakima during this time, I notice slower remote access response. And if I remotely run speedtest.charter.com, I do see upload speed degradation, sometimes down to 1.5M. pingtest.net does show some problems, but not consistently.

So my questions - (1) why aren't ping and path ping (from Phoenix), showing problems, during times when I'm obviously having serious video streaming problems out of Yakima? (2) Are there other network tools that would be better at showing internet video streaming problems?

The poor streaming seems to be with Charter in Yakima, rather than Cox in Phoenix, since I almost never have a problem video streaming in the reverse direction.



Re: [Speed Issues] 4-6pm video streaming issues, yet good pings,

Because there are big differences in latency and available bandwidth. A ping is a small packet of data, so even in congestion it can still travel quickly, however, video streams or remote desktop use a LOT of bandwidth so even if latency is good, you may still see lag because the amount of data cannot get through as quick.