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will i be able to get internet? see inside for details

Ok I'm not sure how all this AT&T U-verse stuff works but today a company was digging and putting wire under our driveway road and running it towards the city next to us, asked them what it was and they said att uverse fiber optic cable. so how does this fiber optic stuff work? We know we can get att phone but not internet at this time. With the new wire a few hundred feet away from us make us be able to get the uverse in a month or two or do we still have to have some sort of cable wire already in our yard? (we live in a rural area like 10 miles away from town and been using hotspots with like 10-20GB caps for $70-$90 so it would really suck if we still cant get better internet service lol)


Milwaukee, WI
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said by Sweettxchick :

... how does this fiber optic stuff work?

... be able to get the uverse in a month or two or do we still have to have some sort of cable wire already in our yard?

The fiber optics typically run only between AT&T equipment and sites, not to your home. There are exceptions but those are generally new developments. Salespeople will always mention fiber optics though.

The connection to your home is usually existing copper.

You can try to follow the cable that serves your home all the way to the wire center/central office. Easier if it's an aerial cable, harder if it's underground.

If there is a new green or tan box located near or along that path, you may be in luck.

The relevant terms are VRAD and VDSL. You can search on this site and elsewhere for VRAD photos. That's the green or tan box you want to see near your home. Last I recall there's a tall tan one, a short tan one, and a short green one. Not to be confused with crossboxes, which can be all kinds of shapes but are usually much skinnier than a VRAD.

VDSL is the technology that makes it possible for AT&T to provide TV, phone and internet over copper phone lines.
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ok thanks..so i guess i will wait about 2 months for them to finish. theres no boxes been put out or anything, just wire under the road and all along the highway that they just put in. we live on a big lake with a lot of rich people nearby so hopefully we will be able to get it (other people like right down the road have some sort of internet service (it shows up on my laptops wifi) but we can't figure out what it is and it is really irritating). Thanks

Boonville, MO
Quite possibly its just fiber backhaul for a local cell tower or telephone service.


thanks..i think i will for sure be able to get something (now speeds i can never be sure of, they might try to screw us on that lol) because at&t constantly sends our neighborhood letters saying how cheap their phone service is, we've gotten at least 5 letters about it. Why advertise phone is nothing big is about to happen?