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Fort Lauderdale, FL

ATT/Bellsouth DSL in zip 33332

As a ATT/Bellsouth DSL Xtreme customer for over 10 years, I find the service has been very reliable up until the start of 2013. Aperodic disconnects are the norm, along with very slow ( 50K) dnload speeds when using a torrent client (utorrent) I believe I am being throttled, as I often exceed their bandwidth caps and are fined practically every month. Last week, ATT ended my email access, and was forced to change both DSL account log in and email passwords, which had been the same for 10 years. ATT made this change Overnight without notifying me, and so 2 hours were wasted on the phone with a offshore tech troubleshooting. This aint your Fathers Bell System--ATT seems to be run by Monkees today. Uverse ? I live 2 miles from where it is available, but will never see it. Competition ? Thats a fallacy today, if one lives "at the end of the wire" Comcast is joke, with old coaxial cable and noisy repeaters, I fired them long ago. So for me its either Satellite via Hughes net, ATT with data caps and throttling, or nothing. The PSC should have oversight over DSL, but thats not in the cards. Besides, most commission members are sleeping with ATT anyway. A Class Action Lawsuit is needed to force ATT to play fair, yet the contract they hold customers hostage to prevents customers from lawsuits-holding customers to "arbitration." Thats a joke too. The US is behind the free world in DSL bandwidth, and today Internet access is like a utility-like water and sewer, yet we are at the mercy of crooked providers like ATT.