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I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: DirecTV is better than Comast

said by IowaCowboy:

I had DirecTV from 2006 to 2010. I made the mistake of switching the TV back to Comcast as they offered what seemed to be a better deal but I like the DirecTV better so I switched back with a VZ/DirecTV offer for phone and TV. I'm keeping Comcast for Internet.

Agreed. My parents have DirecTV and have had Comcast, Dish, and U-Verse in the past. DirecTV beats all of them. Comcast was overpriced and went out frequently. U-Verse was constantly cutting in and out, and Dish was OK, but DirecTV has better PQ and customer service. They still use U-Verse for internet and home phone as Comcast is way overpriced and tends to go out more.

At my place I have Verizon FIOS and it beats all of them.

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