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Springfield, MA
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[DIRECTV] SL3 vs SL5 LNB (3 vs 5 birds)

General question, this is based on speculation and may or may not happen depending on if the roof eventually needs replacing. The roof is asphalt shingle and is at least ten years old.

I was looking at SolidSignal(dot)com and they have both the SL3 and the SL5 SWM dishes. I currently have the SL5 SWM LNB but I heard that the 110 and the 119 satellites only transmit the SD local channels and the Spanish language programming. Since all my equipment is HD (Genie HR 34 and C31 Client) and my setup is SWM and my package is an English package, if I have to relocate the dish if I could get away with a SL 3 SWM dish instead of the SL 5. I would purchase the dish on SolidSignal(dot) com and install it myself.

The reason I ask is that the installer reused my previously installed dish from when I had DTV from 2006-2010 but installed a SWM SL 5 LNB. Another reason I ask is that the roof is getting up there in age (knock wood it don't start leaking) and if it eventually needs replacing I'm sure the landlord would want the dish on a wall instead of drilling holes in her new roof. I would relocate the dish to the front of the house (which faces south) from its current location on the back of the house on the roof pointing over the roof peak.

I used the DishPointer iPhone app and I have a good view of the 99,101,103 birds but there is a tree near the edge of the 119 bird and this is from the ground. The dish was originally installed in its current location because of a tree in a neighbor's yard that has since been cut down.

I also have good view from the front yard and could use a pole mount.

For local channels, I live in zip 01151
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner and I currently have DirecTV. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.

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Use a pole mount. Drilling holes into the side of the house suck as much as the roof.

Why not just reuse the dish you have now? Pick up a 2" fence post from the hardware store, sink it in the ground and be done with it.

Unless things have changed, when you align the dish, you're only going to align it for the 101 sat. The 99 and 103 come in based on angle of the dish (which the dithering process accounts for). If you don't change that, you should be solid.

Evans City, PA

you are correct. Aim to the 101 and use the dither adjustments to fine tune the 99/103

Streamwood, IL
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reply to ke4pym

said by ke4pym:

Why not just reuse the dish you have now? Pick up a 2" fence post from the hardware store, sink it in the ground and be done with it.

Note that a "2 inch" fence post may only be 1.9 inches OD. Be prepared to use metal shims. Plus you may have to special order the 2 inch post. 1-5/8 and 2-3/8 are more popular diameters to stock.


Amissville, VA
reply to IowaCowboy

SL5- Depends on your location (usa) Locals may be carried on the 110 or the 119 Also Some sports packages are on the 119 - 110 is spanish lang. Some of Music channels are on 119 as well.

That may be the reason you have a SL5 to begin with.

You can do it yourself or call for service to relocate Charge is $50 and includes everything else.

Steve Mehs
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That is mostly incorrect.

110 has absolutely nothing on it but the test channel. The 119 is location to some spotbeam satellites that carry locals for some mid size and small markets along with most if not all of the Spanish channels on the CONUS transponders. All sports package channels are on 101 with HD feeds being on 99 and 103. The vast majority of the Sonic Tap channels are on 101 as well. There are a small handful of Spanish and Italian Sonic Tap channels that are on 119, along with a few others that are mirrored from 101. And 95 has the rest of the international channels.
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