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reply to aerith

Re: One BAH, in terms of the Internet Rankings

really dude, you speeds just doubled on your "Comcrap Connections". Thing only thing crappy is your BS attitude

Milpitas, CA
Who cares IF Comcrap doubled my speeds??? IF Comcrap DECIDE to implement one of the two usage plans (or a hybrid of both):

»customer.comcast.com/help-and-su ··· aunching

Then Verizon FIOS (something the Silicon Wasteland SHOULD have had already, the Fiber Optic part at least, but not from Verizon) would be a better deal.

Remember, YOU live in the Silicon Wasteland, and we all know the Chattanooga can now tease us, on how fast their internet connection is, and how much it's worth it (Sources: CBS This Morning Feb 28, 2013, »stopthecap.com/2012/03/28/americ ··· ga-tenn/ )

Bear in mind that Service Satisfaction for Verizon FIOS is higher than Comcrap. One comment just recently here is throwing away all the Comcrap junk mail that person receives, because that person has Verizon FIOS.

UPDATE, well one website has decided to "spill the beans" over the internet rankings:

»stopthecap.com/2013/04/01/consum ··· e-sucks/

However, I do find it intriguing that AT&T U-Hearse (someone coined that term here) is much higher than Comcrap, yet their non-promotional pricing is similar, and U-Hearse now has much slower speeds than Comcrap.

Sadly, now Comcrap has a "MONOPOLY" (in terms of internet service, why in quotes, because if one wants speeds higher than 24 mbps, then there you go) in Northern California, than in Long Beach, CA, (which after visiting the city, is a MUCH BETTER city, than ANY Northern California city, in terms of infrastructure) where Verizon FIOS and Charter are somewhat competitive.

Now yes, even though Comcrap's non-promotional pricing can compete with Verizon FIOS non-promotional pricing, in terms of download speed, there are some people here at DSLReports that want faster upload.