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unscrupulous business practices

In Dec Directv agent came to mom's home, sold her a package. (78 years old on
social security). I (son, on ss also) agreed to pay the up front $50 up for her. Used
my ATM with agreement, no auto billing.(Not my account) Billing to be moved to her
(mom's) Centurylink bill next month (Jan.) Promised would not be charged for premimum
channels following trial period, turn them off.

The install, a fiasco. System never worked correctly. What hardware that does work,
extremely buggy. Tried to bill for their new bad hardware (3 mo old). Tech stole
a 5V power supply, used it where 12v was needed, left trash over house, yard. Obviously
no testing, no explanations (installed late Friday)

Billing with Centurylink never happened. I was good guy, paid January bill online
because they billed ME online (not mine!). February's, they illegally hit my ATM. In March,
illegally hit my ATM, including cost of premimum channels. March withdrawal caused
bounced checks and to miss Easter with my children.

My kids are hurt. The junk doesn't work. I am out big bucks! They refuse to return money
they stole from me for somebody Else's bill.

This is wire fraud and id theft! watch out it is a scam. Legal action in progress.