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Saint-Laurent, QC

From velcom DSL to TSI

Long story short, with Velcom adsl 6mbps plan, I was getting around 300KB/s download on fastpath (10ms to 1st hop) and 400KB/s with interleave (hellish pings, 40-50ms 1st hop), was paying 35$ tax included for 300G. Switch to TSI cable, 300G, 25$/month (Qc), getting > 5mbps (>600KB/s) and upload I think is a bit more than 120KB/s, which is about twice as fast as I was getting.

Pings seem quite good;

Tracing route to dslreports.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    <1 ms     1 ms     1 ms
  2     7 ms     8 ms     7 ms  10.250..
  3    17 ms    15 ms    16 ms  206.248..
  4    15 ms    16 ms    19 ms  206.248..
  5    24 ms    24 ms    31 ms  tge6-3.fr3.yyz.llnw.net []
  6    39 ms    33 ms    37 ms  tge8-1.fr3.lga.llnw.net []
  7   102 ms   115 ms    98 ms  eqix.e-2-3.tbr2.ewr.nac.net []
  8    32 ms    32 ms    32 ms  0.e1-4.tbr2.oct.nac.net []
  9    33 ms    31 ms    31 ms  vlan808.esd1.oct.nac.net []
 10    31 ms    32 ms    32 ms  www.dslreports.com []

So two questions:

1) My ip is a bit weird, starting with 192.0 is this a cable thing?
2) Any tweaks/config I should be using for cable? MTU, etc.? I've not really received any connection information/email from TSI and after around 10 minutes on hold for tech support (cable issues in Ottawa might have something to do with 'long' queue), I tried DHCP on my router and lo and behold it worked, no username or password... 1st time using cable :)

Oh IP phone seems to be working very well too! Very easy setup...

So far so good TSI! :)


Cable doesn't require login info like with DSL PPPoE. Just put it to dynamic or whatever your router calls it on the WAN side and it'll receive an IP automatically (like it seems you did).

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON
reply to GirgleMirt

Glad to see things are working out well for you. It is indeed normal to get an IP of 192.0.x.x. It does seem miss leading because we are using to see 192.168.x.x for our home networks, but all is good.

With cable the authentication is done with the MAC & Serial # on the modem. Once a modem is provisioned, it will obtain an IP automatically as long as you are in DHCP.

Enjoy the service!

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