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DSL Extreme VS Charter Internet

I live in Alhambra and I am using AT&T Uverse 3 Mbps. My contract is ending soon. AT&T won't give me $20.50/month anymore. DSL Extreme is like $17.50/month with 3 Mbps. They charge $18 for shipping fee if I lease their DSL modem. I can buy a DSL modem for $50. Charter charges $30 for installation and $30 for 30 Mbps w/ free modem.

I had experience w/ DSL Extreme before, but their customer service gone bad and I heard negative things about Charter. I would like to know which service is more stable/better in terms of connection issue and technical support. Thanks!

Gastonia, NC
If you dead set on leaving att, I would most definitely go with the charter cable connection.

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I live in the same area, too. Switching to cable is definitely better. Price was cheaper (phone+HSI) before and after promo. Speed is much faster (DSL 3/6Mbps vs cable 30Mbps). The only hiccup is about Charter's own DNS not that stable. I switched to Google/OpenDNS and it solved the issue.


Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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You don't mention dialtone. If you're keeping a home phone line, you may still consider DSL Extreme Fusion, which gives you flat-rate calling and lots of features - its value will probably depend on how far you are from the central office, which determines your potential speed.

AT&T, DSL Extreme and Charter all have some issues, some more than others depending on luck of the draw.

But given the choice, I'd go with cheap speed from Charter; you can port your home phone number to Google Voice for about $75 with an Obitalk adapter, or $30 without, service is free through 12/13, add a buck for 911 service if you want it.


Florissant, MO
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I just moved from Charter's broadband to AT&T's HSI, charter offers a faster connection in my area. If it wasn't for the promotional pricing I would have kept the internet with charter seeing as I was getting 40/45mbit and up while paying for 30


Alhambra, CA
How much are you paying for AT&T and what is the speed? Is it U-Verse? Thanks!

Dallas, TX
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Simpsonville, SC
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Re: DSL Extreme VS Charter Internet

do you know if any of your neighbors have charter? if so, i would ask them how reliable it is. charter is great if they've kept up the equipment/lines in your area... only becomes a pain if your neighborhood has some sort of interference/noise/overload issues.


San Diego, CA
reply to SAN_MARINO
I was under the impression that once AT&T modifies your line to upgrade to U-Verse, you can never get DSL again. Is this not true?


San Bruno, CA
It is not true. AT&T probably won't sell you regular DSL through AT&T Internet since they are moving all their customers to U-verse as a business policy, but you can still go back to regular ADSL from an ISP using AT&T's wholesale platform (like DSLExtreme), or to a CLEC with their own DSL platform.


Alhambra, CA
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I know one of my neighbors is using Charter, but I don't know him at all. I always see Charter and AT&T trucks fixing something. Unfortunately, I live in one of the worst places and have no choice for ISP. Thanks for your help!

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable

I always see Charter and AT&T trucks fixing something.

That's not a good way to assess reliability. They're often doing work to get a new customer running. I see TWC trucks all the time (even the big ones), but it's pretty rare that I actually drop sync.

It's even less likely for AT&T, since each person gets their own pair of wires.
AT&T U-Hearse - RIP Unlimited Internet 1995-2011
Rethink Billable.


Alhambra, CA
I agreed with you.

reply to SAN_MARINO
Its all a commodity, and only a battle of prices now. I just switched from ATT-DSL & DishNetwork to Uverse, because ATT-DSL wanted to increase price of DSL to $40 (from $20), and it was cheaper getting UVerse internet & TV. Its too bad, because I really liked Dish. Oh well, when my current contract expires, if Uverse won't make a deal, I'll just move again back to Dish (or Cox).