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Greenwood Springs, MS
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Gdadkins

Re: dsl users have a choice on what dsl provider they use.

said by Gdadkins:

They may have to share the lines, but that doesn't mean they have to share the lines at a cost effective price to another provider. I essentially have a private telco that is in this county (all surrounding areas are pretty much AT&T) and I have NO other choice in broadband in the form of other DSL providers OR cable. Although Comcast does do TV in my area, they will not do internet service in our county for whatever reason. The country directly west of us however, Comcast does deploy internet and VOIP services there.

So I'm still stuck on my $49.95 4.5 Mbps DSL that is required to be bundled with phone service, so I'm out roughly $75 a month.

We are one county below you and only in Amory and Aberdeen do they have any cable that offers highspeed broadband. Smithville has it via DSL and we have it a few places out in the central county but AT&T has chosen to "overload" a DSLAM here and the service fluctuates on a daily basis. A smart more for them would be to break a line somewhere and roll some of the current customers onto a new DSLAM somewhere where everyone would be equally service with quality service. This far out...Cable isn't even an option.