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Lincolnwood, IL

[Connectivity] Speed is great, but pages hang, traceroute has sk

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Does this indicate a problem or is it normal?
In the past several days, I've noticed that occasionally Web pages hang. At times the problem resolves when I close the tab where the page isn't loading, and then reload.

This behavior has been noted on more than one computer at various times of day.

Suspecting that the problem might be OUTSIDE of my house, I did some trace route testing and noticed gaps and timeouts between me and Comcast. See attached.

Comcast says my connection is great and that my speed is fantastic (I'm getting 25 Mbps down).

Are the gaps in the attached tracert test normal, or indicative of a problem Comcast has?


Saint Paul, MN

Re: [Connectivity] Speed is great, but pages hang, traceroute ha

I have no answer to your question, however I've gotten similar results and have had pages "hang" while loading. My fix to get around it has to been to stop the page from loading and then reload it, almost always this brings the page right up.

I've checked my DNS server (I run one internally that goes out to forwarders if needed) and I'm not seeing latency from DNS lookups taking forever. Nothing has changed on that DNS server for months actually, but I did want to rule it out so I monitored it for a week or so.

Looking at some of the other results people have gotten I came across quite a few others that look similar to yours and mine. Some have a few more hops that are very lossy, some a few less. Oddly enough if I start a continuous ping I don't see the kind of loss indicated by these tests, but I do encounter random and odd connection issues.

Honestly I've had to stop using UMA on my cellphone as it causes it to misbehave badly and sometimes drop calls while I'm on it. (UMA uses your internet connection for all cell service if you're not familiar with it)

Here's some examples I came across :

»/pingtest/nil? ··· cast.net
»/pingtest/nil? ··· net&p=11
»/pingtest/nil? ··· net&p=14
»/pingtest/nil? ··· net&p=18
»/pingtest/nil? ··· net&p=20
»/pingtest/nil? ··· net&p=23

There's many others in there, and there are also good results as well. Of note, these tests listed above were all run within the last 24 hours.


Elizabethtown, PA
reply to jlehrer
FWIW I've been seeing similar issues the past couple of days.

Snohomish, WA
reply to jlehrer
Those don't indicate a problem.
The only important one is the last hop, which shows zero/near zero loss and fairly consistent latency.
those hops in between do indicate routers too busy/set not to respond to your fairly unimportant ping request.
Page hang can be caused by servers unable to keep up with your new blazing speeds and an increasingly excessive percentage of buffering along the path.


Hostetter, PA
reply to jlehrer
i am noticing this behavior also over the last 3 weeks or so