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[HSI] Charter Installation, Part II: the router

Since my initial post I've bought two routers. I hope that #1 will do the trick but #2 will be a good 2nd choice b/c it seems like a lot of people use it, so trouble shooting should be easier.

1) a Trendnet 450Mbps TEW-691GR which I bought new for $30. I'm hoping that this will be my primary router if installation goes smoothly. Isn't dual-band but seems very fast in the 2.4GHz band (no congestion in my location) and my house is Cat5 wired for heavier LAN uses: »www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-6 ... et/lan.htm

2) the well-known Netgear WNDR3700. Got a cheap used one off ebay.

Either/Both should work fine but the tricky part is that I'm also going to use an HDHomeRun Prime CableCard tuner with it, so I'll need to be careful about setting up the DHCP. The Prime will need a reserved IP. I'm trying to learn fast so that I can get this set up this week. Since Charter did away with their "cares about you" CSR team, people say that setting up the Prime with them is a big headache. I'm trying to prepare in advance as best I can.


The Dalles, OR

YMMV obviously, but here's how my setup works:

I have a Netgear WNR3500L running Tomato Firmware (if you can install it on your routers, I highly recommend it). The Prime only supports DHCP, so there's nothing special to set up in that regard, but yes, you do want it to keep getting the same IP. It shouldn't be a problem unless you reset everything and something else gets its IP. If you want to be sure, most router firmwares support static routing, which ensures a particular MAC address is always assigned a specific IP. Let the prime get an IP via DHCP, then set up static routing so it always gets assigned that IP.

As for getting the prime activated, I can't really speak to the process of getting that done over the phone. I had a truck roll to add a new line just for the prime, and the installers called in to get the card activated - though, of course, they don't deal with the standard support people. The best advice I've heard for dealing with clueless support staff is to tell them that it's the same process as setting up a Tivo, since, well, it is the same process.



Yes, thank you, that's helpful, especially your 1st paragraph. I'm less worried about the activation, surprisingly, because when i call in I will ask for "CableCard Activation" and make sure I'm transferred to someone who specializes in that. Plus I've read a lot about what I can do to smooth the process once there.

So my main concern right now is to get my RG6, Cat5e, router, Tuning Adapter, and Prime, all set up properly. It's a self-installation which I think is finally ready for Prime time (yeah, bad pun).

Your separate cable run just for the Prime seems like a good solution as a fall-back option if what I've got set up now doesn't work.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Does anyone else have any ideas or advice to chip in?


East Saint Louis, IL
reply to Cat5house

WNDR3700, under LAN setup, you can reserve a DHCP address for an item on the LAN.



Thanks lineofsight. Maybe I'll give the WNDR3700 the first go since there are so many others who have it. Sounds like a clear path to DHCP reservation too which is important. I'll have to wait until next week though b/c some other stuff has come up and i don't want to rush this. thx