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Patterson, NY

[STB] Moto DAC224 STB

Just wondering if anyone has had trouble accessing VOD with their Moto DAC224 STB? I did all the prerequisite unplugging and resetting only to receive error code CL-oxoof again. Called CC and they said to wait 30 minutes and try again. Waited and still did not work The error code indicates a loose connection or low signal levels. No loose connections since I checked, but I am not sure about the signal levels. Here they are from my DPC3008

Power Level: Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1: -7.1 dBmV 35.4 dB
Channel 2: -6.9 dBmV 35.5 dB
Channel 3: -6.7 dBmV 35.9 dB
Channel 4: -6.6 dBmV 36.0 dB
Channel 5: -6.8 dBmV 35.8 dB
Channel 6: -6.9 dBmV 35.6 dB
Channel 7: -6.6 dBmV 36.1 dB
Channel 8: -6.7 dBmV 36.2 dB

Upstream Channels

Power Level:
Channel 1: 43.0 dBmV
Channel 2: 41.5 dBmV
Channel 3: 0.0 dBmV
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmV

Any thoughts before I call back for a truck roll?


Sacramento, CA
Those are the signals levels from a cable modem, not the set-top box itself. You can find the status of box itself by using the hidden diag menus.

»en.wikibooks.org/wiki/How_to_use ··· Strength

The OOB status is important because it could be that something died on your box and it can no longer communicate properly to request VOD. I've seen this happen before. Another symptom is that the guide data will slowly age out and not be replaced with newer data since OOB tuning isn't working properly.

BTW the proper model number is Motorola DCT-2244, which is a very old box that's been recycled again and again over the last 10+ years. So it wouldn't be a total surprise if it was defective.


Patterson, NY
Thanks SpHeRe...DUH on my part. I woke up this morning and realized what I did. Thanks again for your help and the proper info.. I'll reply back if needed.