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[HN9000] Blizzard Legacy Games Downloaders

Hi all,
I am trying to use the Blizzard game downloaders to download some previously purchased legacy games that downloaded fine before I had hughesnet. I am specifically referring to games such as Diablo 2:LOD Starcraft/Broodwar combo etc. My issue is that when I invoke the installer that is supposed to start downloading the install files it says installation not authorized. Blizzard has gotten to the point that they just want to give me my money back, but I had gotten these games downloaded on another network before without issue. Shoot! I can even get D3 to download and work...never mind the lag times, LOL! Anyone have any suggestions?
Sorry for the long post, thank you for reading


Rosedale, WV
See about a alternative downloader.
If that does not work then maybe see if they will send you the discs?

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I think I quit buying and downloading games through my steam lately.. The downloading is just too horrible, time outs and state codes are crazy and in the end after finally getting say a 20GB game downloaded, 3 days or more have passed witch I don't much like.

I think you should just get the install disc's and do it this way..
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Disable turbo page on your 9000, and when you run the download clients, make sure p2p is enabled and that you run the client with administrative rights on the machine.

Max Mouse

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I agree with diablo1892.. games nowadays are too large to be downloading from such a limited internet.. hugesnet just wont stay online and it causes download links that doesnt have resume added to it to be broken.. Better off buying the disk instead