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Mountain View, CA

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Re: Is on-board RealTek audio really that bad?

said by Boricua:

koitsu See Profile, could this also have to do when my roommate turns off the bathroom fan, it comes out of the speakers?

What do you mean "when my roommate turns off the fan, it comes out the speakers"? What comes out your speakers? His urine? His anal fumes? Consider me confused.
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I am a musician with a similar setup. I installed Malwarebytes Pro two days ago, and glitch, buzz, here I am. Fortunately forums such as this helped me quickly determine that the new audio latency issue was being caused by the website blocker in MB.

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I've been having many of the same problems the other posters have been experiencing. I haven't used a Creative card in probably ten years mostly out of fear of their drivers and the overall lack of enthusiasm by other users. Just on a whim I bought the Sound Blaster Zx mostly so I could control my headphone volume without going on the computer. I have to say out of the box it sounds fine. I only have lossless files and I use a set of Sennheiser HD558 cans and the improvement over my Reatek onboard is strikingly better. I wish I could afford DAC's and all that but having just built a new gaming computer money is tight so this was my low cost solution.

That said everyone is different. Different computer components, different listening devices, and, most importantly, different ears. Mine were blown out working on an Air Force flightline so I have very limited upper range and bass actually hurts my ears. Bottom line is what works for me probably won't work for you and the best you can do is make sure you buy from a reputable dealer and save your boxes and receipts.