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reply to bluedyedvd

Re: dsl users have a choice on what dsl provider they use.

Luckily CT was smart and way back in the day even before broadband and did 100% cable buildouts by franchise agreement. And I have no bandwidth cap (for now anyways). I'll probably do 300+GB this month.

Warner Robins, GA

Wow! Am I understanding your statement correctly? All of CT residences are capable of an easy connection to hybrid fiber coaxial cable HSI with just a regular service call, as long as they are connected to the regular electricity grid. Even if they are also required to be in a regular POTS service area that would be amazing. I must be missing something.



AFAIK, everyone in CT is provided cable to the edge of their property, so the only time they would have to build out is if they have a ridiculous driveway, and every case I've ever heard puts that being done at the MSO's expense, I'm not sure how much the cost is. I'm sure there are exceptions, like islands, but in general, that's the case. The franchises were done by town, and to do that town meant that town, not some parts of it. There might be some requirement like X houses per cable mile, but in CT, that would effectively be the same as EVERYWHERE, as we have a high density overall. HFC is just a given here. TVC, a local overbuilder is also 100% overbuilt, I don't know how that works for MDU's, but at least in the complex I'm in, we can get either, and AFAIK, it is DPUC mandated to offer the tenants either. That, and every system has PEG channels, DPUC mandated that the cable provider charge and pay for, and allocate access at the same level as other channels.