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Is Earthlink really "the same" as Comcast, or like a C

Hey All;

I'm just curious if Earthlink is really just a re-brand of the primary cable provider's service and providing their own value-added services, or if they are similar to a CLEC, using their own servers and just using Comcast's lines to bring their own service the "last mile".

The reason I ask is that I used to have Earthlink via Comcast years ago (2002-06ish), and am thinking about going back to DirecTV and want to avoid Comcast's $13 "no TV fee" (which is why I was with Earthlink years ago) -- but am just a bit skittish because in 2005 I had a nearly 3 week outage due to Earthlink's DHCP servers being screwed up, and them playing "pass the buck" back and fourth between them and Comcast... Comcast claimed Earthlink provided their own services and they were just "the line" and Earthlink claimed Comcast handled everything related to the actual access, and they just provided the e-mail--and that really it was a "co-branded Comcast package" (I did get the bills through Comcast) -- until it managed to just fix itself after I submitted about 5 trouble tickets to both Earthlink and Comcast. In that time I also had called in for some smaller issues, and they also tried to pass me between them and Comcast--but the DHCP issue was a big one.

It seems to me that if I am connecting to Earthlink's IP and using their DHCP servers, then Earthlink actually IS the ISP, and not just a co-branded package....

I've also seen posts that you receive "the same speeds as the cable company" -- and this was the case when I had them... when Comcast had 1.5 meg service, I had that with Earthlink... when Comcast started offering 6 meg servicet, I also got that on Earthlink, albeit 3 months later (the Earthlink site still said 1.5 megs)... Now however, I have 15 meg service with Comcast (with 25-100 meg packages available) -- and the Earthlink site now says 6 megs on the "pricing" page for $45.95 ($5 cheaper than Comcast's 6 meg tier), but "up to 15 megs" in their marketing materials (which would be about a $15 savings, plus saving the no TV fee) -- have they just not upgraded their pricing page, or are they still stuck at the 6 megs? Even for a $5 savings, it'd be worth it -- but it'd be nicer to keep my 15 meg service and pay $5 less than Comcast's 6 meg tier -- or pay the extra $15 and save the no TV fee if they offer it...

Can anyone shed some light on this? Have they got any better about playing "pass the buck" between themselves and the primary cable companies?




Re: Is Earthlink really "the same" as Comcast, or like

Hi Nat - Our teams appreciate you looking for answers as to how the EarthLink Powered by Comcast access product works. The EarthLink Powered by Comcast product is $29.95/mo for 3 months and $45.95/mo thereafter and is up to 6mbps download speed. As a previous customer, you are clearly aware of the partnership we have with Comcast. Comcast does handle the provisioning of the modem, customer location equipment, billing and connection troubleshooting, but you do receive an EarthLink IP address on your cable modem and EarthLink DNS which may offer different network paths.

Let me know if you have any further questions. And please don't hesitate to reach out to our teams directly.

Best Regards,

Matthew Ray
Social Media Manager


Matthew - I have now been on hold with Earthlink Customer service for 25 minutes as they continue to call me repeatedly telling me my credit card is expired. The card they reference has never been mine, and they are using a 12-year old last name.

How do I contact someone to stop harassing me? My earthlink is through Comcast - I do not ever, have never, will never, pay you directly.


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Rather than hijack a thread, why not register with DSL Reports, so you can IM the Earthlink rep directly? Registered users will see a yellow IM tab between the "hey mods" link, and the posting date. Use the tab at the end of ELNKSocial See Profile's post to contact him after you register. Registration is free, and you don't get spammed.
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