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Orlando, FL
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Orlando, FL U-verse Prices


Perhaps I suck at searching, but I haven't been able to find good, solid pricing for U-verse Internet service. I know they post the per month fee, but I'm looking for a final monthly total to compare with my current ISP (Bright House).

Bright House just upped the service cost by $1, added a $3.50 crap fee for the modem, and now there's a small tax because of the modem fee. Now, I get 10/1 (though it's often 15% higher) for $55.73 - which I think is ridiculously over-priced. So is U-verse though.

I'm looking for someone who has U-verse only for Internet at the 12meg tier, so I can compare final prices. I live in the 32822 ZIP in Orlando, FL, so a response from that area would be best, but any information of nearby places would probably help, too.

I realize there's a discount for the first year, but you also have to buy the gateway for $100. What I don't know about is any other junk fees or taxes on the bill that push it above the $51/month mark. So who's using U-verse at 12megs and has gone the past the discounted first year? What's your final bill look like each month?


Chicago, IL
Our bill only had the 6.00 charge for the RG, and then the tier we subscribed to.

"Max internet - 51.00"

"RG rental fee - 6.00"

"12 mo 5 dollar discount - (5.00)"

"Total - 52.00$"

It was an extremely simple bill, and all they charged is what I stated above.

Not sure if it's the same in FL though.


Miami, FL
Mine is similar, except I bought out my modem 2 years ago, so I have no modem fee. Just internet charge, no tax or fees.