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Mr Anon


Where / how to report issue/Bug with RG?


There is a bug with the RG's firmware. I've experienced it at two different places now. I know this isn't something we can fix permanently, I'd like to let the firmware writers know.

Newer versions of windows will rely on DNS to resolve a computer's name instead of broadcasts first then DNS if no reply. The RG will supply one one address per device, the first registered IP I believe, not the other or even the current IP of the device! Because of this, name resolution for devices can be broken.

How to reproduce:
If you've already had this device on your network, clear your device list (which is also the way to fix this issue)

You'll need a device with two network interfaces, so far I've only tested this when they had different media.

Connect via wired first. use it for a bit then disconnect.

You may need to clear the DNS on the other machine, I'm not sure

Connect via Wireless. It doesn't matter if you are using the RGs wireless or a separate AP, just the different MAC is enough I believe.

Now try to find the device by name or just do an NSLookup.

The RG will return the correct info for the first connection only not the second one even if its the one currently in use.

Note: I have never tested the reproduction methods in quick succession. It usually happens when I use a rarely used device with one connection. Then a few days or weeks later use it with the other connection and try by name.
(software ver is:

Springfield, IL
That firmware version has been around for a while. It is a IPTables issue when they issued that firmware over six months to a year ago.