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Mmm Burnt Toast
Mesa, AZ

FFMPEG Configuration

I have security cameras running w/ Zoneminder. These cameras do not do 'video'.. (or at least not that i've been able to do yet). They take snaphot images of everything and w/ ZM store them in a specific folder for that action.

I have configured FFMPEG to create a video from those images, however it saves it in the folder the images are located. Is there a way with FFMPEG to specify where to save the created output files?

Right now it saves to:
I want it to change to

Can I add specific locations to FFMPEG command? I do not see anything in the walkthrough on their website.

Here is the command line that i'm using which creates the video.

ffmpeg -i %03d-capture.jpg -r 12 -s 640x480 "`date`".avi
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Mmm Burnt Toast
Mesa, AZ

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... i'm an idiot.. I put the path infront of the file name.. and was able to move it w/o problem. I hate feeling like an idiot on simple answers...

ffmpeg -i %03d-capture.jpg -r 12 -s 640x480 /media/archive/"`date`".avi

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You posted an answer that will help someone who either didn't have the courage or didn't know how to ask the question. That's exactly how this whole community thing is supposed to work. Not idiocy at all.

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Agreed, No_Strings See Profile..

Thanks for the follow-up, aelingil See Profile Trust me, theres nothing idiotic about finding the solution on your own.

If I had a nickel for every time I got hung up on not explicitly calling out a path on a command line.. Well, lets just say I'd have a lot of nickels..
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reply to aelingil
Haha. I setup Zoneminder and was looking to do just this. Thanks posting, it will save me some time

Now I just need to setup my netbook to run as a Zoneminder server. Right now I installed ZM to test on my main Linux machine, but I normally don't leave it running.