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Apex, NC

What can I expect for a new UVerse Installation?

I currently have AT&T DSL (6 Mbps) service that runs from the NID (with splitter) to an upstairs room (on the opposite side of the house) where the modem is located. The house is pre-wired with RG59 coax that runs also to near the NID. One note... while the RG59 coax is run, it has never been connected to anything. We've never had cable tv service.

1. What can I expect for installation of new Uverse service? We plan to install internet and phone.... no TV (we just use OTA and streaming services).
2. Would they use the existing RG59 coax or will they need to run new lines? I'm concerned "how and where" they pull the new lines.
3. Do the installers generally do a good job with new runs?
4. Any particular questions to ask or things to make sure they do?

Thanks for any help!

Louisville, KY
The question of RG 59 is irrelevant, since that is only used for television signals with U-verse. Overall, they do a pretty good job running new lines, but you need to talk to them first to agree where they are going to go. What you are getting is a very simple installation, so there shouldn't be any problems. How and what is installed, will depend on your distance from the V-RAD.

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They'll reuse coax to the RG if it's in good shape and you're being put on a VDSL connection with the 2wire 3800/3801. I think some installers like to run a new non coax line to the RG no matter what.

MAKE SURE you tell the installer where you want the gateway. A lot of the lazy installers just plug it wherever possible even though it's location for you is horrible. Make sure you tell them where it should go and they may work with you.


Manteca, CA
reply to ncdsl
As a U-Verse tech I can say that they can use the Coax but they should test it first with their meter (JDSU) to see if the line is in good shape. This is a policy and all techs should be doing this. They should also cut off the ends and replace them no matter what.

This is your house TELL the tech what you want them to do and ask them to test the line first. You never no what happens to that line once it enters the wall (think staples or nails).

Again make sure they take a test reading of the VDSL circuit at the NID, test the coax (via coax map on JDSU), and then test the VDSL sync readings at the gateway when they install.