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Clinton Township, MI

Possible bridge tap?

Hi guys,

First time posting here so bear with me.
I just upgraded to U-verse a couple days ago (12mb) and have been getting numerous drops in my internet.

I poked around on some forums looking for similar UV Realtime results and I am thinking the drops are due to a bridge tap. I thought bridge taps are suppose to look like a bouncy ball effect on the bitloading chart so I might just be seeing crosstalk or minor interference. What do you guys think?

I'm not sure if this will help but I believe that the installer did not disconnect my other home phone line that was running to my house....as in one is my old home phone line and the other my new U-verse line both running to my house. Would this cause interference?

Just from looking at UV Realtime....it is looking pretty bad on the error side of things.

Thanks guys. I'm pretty new to this stuff...even if I'm getting some shoddy internet this is pretty interesting to learn about.

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The inside wiring of most homes is in effect a bridge tap (and in an older home without twisted pair wiring, cross talk can also be a problem), unless your DSL modem connection is a 'homerun" to the NID (with a splitter in the NID to isolate the rest of the inside wiring). To find out if your inside telco wiring is causing a problem, connect your modem directly to the test jack in the NID and see if your stats and performance improves.
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Bridge tap is basically just extra wire on the run that goes else where. Bridge tap can also be found on the AT&T network to as your loop might go to another street. The shorter the tap the worst it is, the signal reflects quicker back to you.

Best bet is to run a home run form the RG (modem) direct to your telephone box out side (NID). But as said before test at the test jack at the side of the house to see if this helps. Also bad or no grounds at the NID will cause problems.

Hope this helps.
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