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Orange Park, FL

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[Connectivity] Comcast HSI with Arris modem issues with mobile/s

This is a query of similar experiences more than a solution. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else and what solution they may have used.

I rent part of a house in Northern Virginia, close to DC. The homeowner also lives here. We have Comcast HSI at the Blast level. Until recently, he used a separate modem and router, but was recently provided an Arris unit, which eliminated the old router.

The problems began with generally crummy speeds on all devices. After calling Comcast and having them tweak a few things, we have better service on our individual computers (all laptops), but on any other wi-fi based device (cell phone, tablet, streaming box), the service is simply terrible.

I tested my laptop at Speedtest and consistently receiver 20-25 Mbps down and 4-9 Mbps up, consistent with the level of service to which he subscribes.

Testing an Android cell phone and an Android-based table, I barely crack 0.5 Mbps down and (oddly) 1 Mbps up. (That's not a typo. The upstream signal is nearly always a bit faster). Real-world connections are terrible. I can connect to a remote site or endpoint, but little to no data comes back without errors or timeouts. I am forced to use my carrier's data signal on the phone all the time.

I use a Roku 2-XD streaming device. On both Netflix and Amazon, I get connections to the service, but the streams download extremely slowly, if at all. If I do get a video stream, it's in low-definition and frequently stops moments after starting to begin streaming more, only to eventually time out with errors about network problems.

What's baffling here is that the performance on computers seems to be OK, but just the opposite on all these other devices. My roommate will be contacting Comcast to work the issue, but I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same or similar issues with Comcast's service. All of these devices worked fine in the past.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any responses.

lit up
Sterling Heights, MI

Re: [Connectivity] Comcast HSI with Arris modem issues with mobi

I have read here that all in one gateways suck at wireless coverage.

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to joedoc
All wireless gateways tend to under-perform in their router functionality. None of them have great range compared to a stand-alone router.

If you have the TG862G...oh brother...that one is a dog! Well known to have issues with connecting to various devices. Even Comcast acknowledges this. They have tried loading a newer firmware, but from what I have read, it too is not yet ready for prime time.

One solution? Call Comcast and have them place the gateway in bridge mode (they have to do that) and re-connect the previous router.
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