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North York, ON
reply to PToN

Re: Mailbox sizes... WTF...?!?!?!

said by PToN:

I do agree with the retention policy, but i find it hard to get upper management behind this. They are the ones that use the "Deleted Items" folder store emails...

The first time I saw someone doing this it was a huge WTF?!?! moment. I told them that there is an option to empty "Deleted Items on Exit" and that with any update Microsoft issues it could get turned on by accident or on purpose in the update and they would lose everything. They stopped using Deleted Items as a filing location.
The irony of common sense, it is not that common.
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I allow up to 50MB attachments on the Receive connector for Exchange 2012 because we deal with banks and other "secure" places that aren't allowed to use certain protocols (FTP) or sites (Dropbox & Google Drive blocked), USB Mas Storage devices are obviously blocked as well via Group Policy so the only way for them to get sometimes hundreds of pages of documents is via email (or physical mail, FedEx/UPS/USPS).

Our send connector could be 100MB but I've found basically nobody can accept that anyways so I've set it at 20MB

My Inbox of 2yrs now is like 5.7GB with about 12,000 messages in Outlook. I've set a 10GB limit anyways so better start cleaning up or no more emails for you!