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hey hey hey

reply to lakerfan82

Re: They'll still force you to buy a Verizon branded phone

said by lakerfan82:

Won't be worth it... they'll still force you to buy a Verizon branded phone,

yeah and?.............

doubt they would let you bring a phone and pop a Verizon LTE sim in it,

Exactly how would you use the phone to make calls and text? Since Verizon still uses CDMA for them and will for upto the next 8 years? And do these non Verizon phones support LTE over the 700 MHz frequencies that Verizon uses for LTE? Um nope.


Corona, CA
Iphone 5 does, no reason to think others can't or won't. VoLTE will support SMS and voice late 2013. Google Voice too.


reply to hey hey hey
The Galaxy S4 looked like it had two SIM card slots. I'm hoping this is for all of the LTE offerings by all the carriers. Hopefully it has a CDMA radio in it too. Basically what I'm trying to say, this may be a true world phone. My Verizon Galaxy S3 is, I can put a SIM in it from any carrier and use it. Of course I only get edge speeds on T-Mobile, but 3G speeds will work on AT&T. The SIM isn't locked either.

Hopefully LTE will simplify things though. Voice over LTE will hopefully allow the manufacturers to make one device for all carriers. If the carriers allow it... The manufacturers are certainly getting more powerful and it seems they don't have to cater to the carriers so much.