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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to Billmnfl

Re: Wait and see?

said by Billmnfl:

Wait and see till you are out of business.
I would rather buy an unlocked phone and go with the best price for service.
I think your phone subsidies are a fraud.

Cellcos telling manufacturers what to charge for handsets is the BIGGER fraud.. those price gouging high prices for the phones upfront are the BAIT to lure customers into making a deal with the devil cellcos for 24 month contracts. Seriously.. when did you see handsets go from $99 all the way upto $600 and more until the Iphone & Android handsets? Metro PCS revealed how low handset prices for an entry level android phone could go to $40 versus $300+. This only adds to the anti-competitive dysfunctional marketplace.

BTW, this is talking about mainstream mass produced handsets.. not the early analog days where you had to be a rich fat cat or criminal (drug dealer) to afford analog service pricing.