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Houston, TX

Windows DFS and Linux


I am trying to find something like Windows DFS on Linux. Now, i am not just referring to the ditributed file system part here. Basically Windows DFS acts as the director that tells all client requests where to go. This means i can map drives to \\mydomain.lan\accounting and \\mydomain.lan\purchasing and each of those shares are actually on separate servers.

The Accounting share can be in: \\fileserv1.mydomain.lan\shares\accounting

The Purchasing share can be in:

But i still access them the same way:

The same way because the clients make the request to the Windows DFS service and transparently gets translated into the real share address.

Is there anything like this in Linux? I know there are Distributed File Systems, but they are all accessed through the corresponding server...

Any ideas?


Black Box


It probably is not what you are looking for because of the double traffic on the concentrator, but you can use a box as a concentrator and mount in directories under it the shares from other machines and re-export them.

So mount accounting:/shared on concentrator under /shared/accounting and purchasing:/shared on concentrator under /shared/purchasing and re-export them. The users will mount concentrator:/shared/accounting and concentrator:/shared/purchasing or even concentrator:/shared. The users will connect to concentrator and concentrator in turn will fetch the data from accounting and purchasing transparent to the user.

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