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Livermore, CA
reply to cypherstream

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers

said by cypherstream:

Wow I can't believe they aren't doing anything about it. First and foremost, fix the issue. Secondly offer the TV portion of the bill for free for the month. Third, don't charge extra until the system is out of Beta. If anything they should be paying the customers for their time in beta testing the platform.

I don't know. The X1 is not really a mainstream finalized production product at the moment. As such, it is not being heavily advertised besides the ocassional press release on Comcast's website announcing it's availability in select markets. At this point, it's very much still an experiment and needs alot of further tweaking. The good news is that Comcast is actively pushing out updates and tweaks to help make the box the best it could be. This won't happen overnight though and I don't think it's right for customers to get pissy and demand credits when they kind of know what they signed up for. And it's not like they can't just take the box back and exchange it for an older model. Comcast is NOT forcing people to upgrade to the X1 and really the only people who care about getting it are the techies who love technology and so they of all people should be the last ones complaining about bugs, just my opinion.