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Tallahassee, FL

Dell to offer Ubuntu as option on Alienware X51

said by »en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs···x51.aspx :

Linux gaming just took a big step forward with the release of the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with Ubuntu OS for customers in the United States. This means Alienware X51 customers can choose either Windows or Ubuntu to when buying a new X51. Here’s my personal experience with the Ubuntu operating system on an Alienware and the gaming experience that it provides.

The unique interface provides a clean and stylish approach that is easy to learn. As a first time Ubuntu user, I found it easy to find my way around. After a couple of days, and with the help of the online Ubuntu community, I felt like a seasoned user.

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Dell to offer Ubuntu on an incredibly overpriced box with hideous case design?

Benjamin Kerensa

Portland, OR
Its a step forward... The XPS 13 looks nice


reply to Maxo
It just works: Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux Ultrabook review:

The remarkable thing about the XPS 13 Developer Edition is that it's so unremarkable—it has Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed out of the box, and it simply works.

It's an impressive achievement, and it's also a sad comment on the overall viability of Linux as a consumer-facing operating system for normal people. I don't think anyone is arguing that Linux hasn't earned its place in the data center—it most certainly has—but there's no way I'd feel comfy installing even newbie-friendly Ubuntu or Mint on my parents' computers. The XPS 13 DE shows the level of functionality and polish possible with extra effort, and that effort and polish together means this kind of Linux integration is something we won't see very often outside of boutique OEMs.

Dell has done it—and has done it right—taking its work and contributing it all back upstream for the betterment of the community. The company has elected to put a friendly Linux distro on an attractive piece of hardware with good specs, including a beautiful display and a quick SSD. Moreover, the price isn't at all unreasonable.