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Glassboro, NJ

Comcast HD feet via RF Out?

This is for my business, but my TV i have on the wall in my conference room is all out of inputs (HDMI and Component). I was told by a Comcast tech that since my TV has a QAM tuner, I can simply run Coax out from the "RF Out" from the cable box and i'll be able to view all my channels i'm subscribed to in HD (Not just clearqam locals). I've never heard of this before, is it possible?

There's sand in my tool bag
No, you can run a coax right from the wall to get SOME ClearQAM channels if your TV has a tuner it that's digital. RF Out from the cable box will just get you standard def.

You will want to get an HDMI splitter/selector to solve your input problems. They are very cheap.

Minneapolis, MN
reply to wolf2989
You won't get the channels in HD. The RF out that tunes in on channel 3 or 4 of your TV is NTSC. You will still be able to view the channel that the box is tuned to in SD though.. I agree with the previous poster, just get a HDMI splitter.


Carmel, NY
reply to wolf2989
Sure, it is possible that by running coax from the "RF Out" of the cable box that you'll be able to view all the channels you're subscribed to. The cable box would have to put a digital signal on "RF Out".

The Comcast tech likely knows more about your cable box than I do, but the only cable boxes I'm familiar with put an analog signal on "RF Out". Read the manual for the make and model of the cable box that you use to see if it is able to put a digital signal on "RF Out".

If you rarely switch between the cable box and another HDMI or Component source, just disconnect and connect the cables as needed. Otherwise, as others have suggested, consider buying an A/B switch for HDMI or one for Component cables; it would make it easier to switch than disconnecting and connecting cables.