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Tavistock NJ
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Hopefully this medication is not counterfeit

said by IowaCowboy:

I went to CVS and picked up a prescription that I've been taking for years except the nurse practitioner changed the dose. The medication usually comes in a manufacturer's bottle as they are packaged in bottles of thirty and I take one a day in the morning. It is the medication I use to control the symptoms of Autism.

When I went to pick it up at the usual CVS and I noticed the bag did not feel right so I checked to make sure I had the right medication (because pharmacists/pharmacy techs sometimes make mistakes, many that are deadly) and I noticed they gave me the correct medication except it was packaged in a blister pack and dispensed in a Baggie.

Hopefully this is the legitimate medication and not counterfeit because it costs my insurance company over $600 (almost $900 when I was on the higher dose) for a thirty day supply.

Is the pill the same color? And is the code embossed on the pill the same? If it is, it may just be different packaging. Even generic versions of a drug have different codes embossed on them. You can go here to check the code on the pill to see if it is the same drug and the same dosage level you were prescribed:
»www.rxlist.com/pill-identificati ··· icle.htm
»pharmasecure.com/blog/2012/08/ve ··· -online/

Getting it from CVS tremendously increases odds it is NOT counterfeit. Online pharmacies are more likely to sell counterfeits.