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reply to La Luna

Re: Heartgard/Vectra3D alternatives?

said by La Luna:

I would NEVER order a heartworm medication online without a prescription from an unknown source. Some of these so called "identical" medications are manufactured in China, with zero quality control. You have NO idea what you're getting. You could kill your dog with some of these products if there's something wrong with it.

I guess my dog has just been lucky over the last several years.

Our vet wouldn't even write a prescription for us to use somewhere else. He insisted that we pay outrageous prices to get the medication from him. He's not our vet any more...

BTW, you can buy Ivermectin for large animals without a prescription: »www.tractorsupply.com/webapp/wcs ··· ermectin

Something stinks...

La Luna
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Warwick, NY

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What do you consider "outrageous prices"?

If your vet wouldn't write a script, that is wrong, as long as you are going to order from a reliable source. Was that the case? Maybe he/she didn't like where you wanted to order from and didn't want to be liable if something went wrong. Cheap isn't always best when it comes to medications.

Lay people should never play around with powerful drugs like Ivermectin. Farmers/ranchers with many large animals know how to administer it. Again, just because it's cheap/available doesn't mean you should do it.

I agree....your dog HAS been lucky, very lucky.

I don't care what anyone does with regards to this, if you want to take the chance, be my guest. Won't be happening with MY dog.
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said by La Luna:

What do you consider "outrageous prices"?

If your vet wouldn't write a script, that is wrong, as long as you are going to order from a reliable source.

Not at all unusual have experienced it my self. They don't sell it they won't prescribe it, and if they do likely not to give on to an outside source.

And had roaming vets down here monthly or so doing free rabies shots and low cost full course shots.... $35 instead of $150 and ok no blood test or stool test.... but has never had worms or whatever the blood test is for...then again gave him a Kennel cough blow up the nose my vet never had.... not just kennels a potential problem if dog park frequented.

And again around other dogs playing with while standing on the ground outdoors unnoticeable getting the the shot in the butt vs traumatically being put on a high table and forced to lie down... and up on a scale.... well again since he has be an adult NEVER outside 94-96 lbs....but again unfamiliar rather traumatically unnecessary unless they think he has gained weight, again never significantly or visibly has because I don't overfeed him, mistake again largely the fufu dog owners make as well as feeding them human food. (Hey a lot of its not even good for us)

Like the screwed Human health system vet system does same stuff because they $$$$ can.