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Re: i hate mices to pieces

Certain LAPD stations and substations had serious mice problems. They got rid of the problem completely with cats. (I don't know if the cats were neutered or not.)

Those mice that the cats didn't kill outright the mice simply pulled up and abandoned ship in response to the scent of cat urine. Mice may be small but they aren't dumb!


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Tulsa, OK
reply to Boricua
Also could be a squirrel. If there is a way in, they find it.


Farmington, MI
said by KrK:

Also could be a squirrel. If there is a way in, they find it.

I'm dealing with at least one squirrel right now. Problem is I have no clue where they're getting in, and I have no way of getting into the crawlspace myself. Makes it really hard to evict them.


Sit in your yard with a pile of peanuts and watch where they go.

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Parsonsburg, MD
reply to rob_in_chatt
said by rob_in_chatt:

i have a cat for that problem. a neighbor brought him over and asked if i wanted him. a litter was born under her house and he was the only one that lived. they had dogs and they got all the kittens but Budddy.

and to this day, he still sits in front of the fridge at night for a few hours staring at the bottom. that is where he caught the mouse. apparently he has not forgotten that 4 years later. he is about 2 in this picture.

it's a small world ...

My daughter came back home to live with me and brought HER cat ... named Buddy. The cat has been an indoor cat all his life, been de-clawed cause he scratched furniture up from the day he came home from the animal shelter ... but is a mouse catching FIEND. Like your cat, he'll sit in front of the fridge for hours staring at the bottom, where he caught his 1st mouse. He'll go "hunting" late at night, peering into the nooks and corners, alert for the slightest noise. He's caught maybe a dozen mice in the last 1-1/2 years and I don't even bother setting traps anymore.

No mouse problems here with Buddy.

Spokane, WA
reply to shademan
Best bet is if you can get a trap in a 'corridor' location. I discovered mice were leaving the kitchen via a path next to the stereo. I put some plain traps (didn't even bait em) in each of the 2 obvious paths to next room. Ended up with a mouse that got his rear caught in one as he ran by, he then turned around and dragged himself to the other path and stuck his nose in the other trap :O

I've even done a manual catch (and release)...
I'd left a pan with some grease or something (and tin foil) on the stove and heard mice on it but i couldn't get close to em. Another night or two and i could get closer. I left it as bait for one more night and heard them again but i'd setup a huge box by the stove and now they let me get close enough to slide everythng off the stove into the box. Take out the pans and i was left with 2 mice in a box to relocate.

Then i got a cat and no new mouse stories for 10 years. I suspect the cat gives them plenty of warning now :O


Melrose Park, IL
reply to shademan
I want to thank everybody for there suggestions i used the small piece of bread with peanut butter and it is working great the meeces are getting caught every night and i went back to the victor trap and also peanut butter cups. I also ordered a couple of traps from kness ketch all website to make sure they stay gone. Thanks again

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reply to shademan
Get one of these. Very efficient at keeping mice away.

Current cat

My other house (older home) would have been infested if it wasn't for this handy tool.

Previous cat that kept my previous house mouse free

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reply to shademan
Get or borrow a at...

I have five, a small mouse got in, how the hell that happened I don't know, all I can tell you is, it regretted it.

Five cats chased this thing all over my house, we never saw it again and never found the body either..
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Re: i hate mices to pieces

Thats a bit excessive...