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Alexandria, VA

[VA] Making pings better

I was living in a single family neighborhood and was getting a ping of 6ms always. I recently moved into a townhouse community and now my pings are a bit higher, 16-22ms. This is noticeable in games.

I only moved less than a mile away but my guess is due to the "members" of this community, they are all torrenting s*** and messing w/ my ping.

I have a SB6141 and on COX's ultimate tier. Is there anything I can do or is all hope lost?


Irvine, CA
I'm in the same deal as you, although I didn't move.

I was on 4/1 bonding at the time, before I upgraded to Ultimate to Premier. My ping times were in the range of 8-10 on the first hop, and when I upgraded to ultimate it was as low as 4 and as high as 6MS, thus making my pings to Los Angeles under 8MS most of the time.

Since the upgrade to ultimate, they rolled out 8x4 bonding and that caused my latency to increase to about .5MS higher than it was on Premier.

I have noticed that my ping times are much more consistent than before which also improves gaming experience, as jitter is killer.

All in all, not much I or COX can do. But if you are experiencing lots of jitter, I would try a different modem or looking at your signal levels.