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Bay City, TX

3 months of frustration and 4 new modems now what??????????

Yes, the NVG-510 debacle is wearing me down.
Fourth new modem runs good for a few days (2-4 days tops) then the green lights just freeze up and no internet connection. I have to do the 'unplug and wait ten seconds routine'.

I do not want to call this in again because the techs get dinged for repeat calls within the 30 days initial service call.

The box has a straight CAT-5 cable run from NID to jack in home office no splices. all three different techs swear up and down the line is good. When I'm at work they tell wife something about clearing cookies in the browser I call Bull$hit..!!! on this.....

I got off Vonage to remove from the equation of trouble shooting. Moved cordless phone and made sure it is about 5 feet away from modem which sit on top of book case, about 6 foot off the floor.

I'm using a Belkin Range Extender (F9K1106 Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender) and did the firmware update and reset it to factory default. I thought this did the trick since it worked well for about 3-4 days w/o fault.

Well now we are back to square one.

Modem still freezes and I cannot connect with apps on DVR/DVD player which have CAT-5 connections at the Belkin Range Extender.

I have modem set to channel-7, 100% power WPA-2 security with B/G/N settings.
Once this is posted I will change to the B/G settings only and see what happens until I get a reply from some seasoned tech heads.......

Thanks for the pending help have a good Sunday evening!



Union City, GA
It sounds like your issue could be outside, you could be on a bad port which an cause havoc on modems. Do you know if any of your neighbors are having the same issue?


Chicago, IL
reply to Chinookman
Yeah it sounds like it may be an outside problem. You say the green lights just freeze up and you lose connection?

I would think the "link" light(s) would start blinking red when that happens. Does your home network stop working completely too?

Around here the tech's give you their cell number before leaving so you can call them if you still have trouble, instead of going through the system. And if you do go through the system they'll say on the report that it was an inside problem etc and tack on the 49 dollar service call fee to cover themselves (leaves you frustrated if you don't know what's going on, but that fee is usually easy enough to have credited back)

Bay City, TX
Thanks both for the replies....
Let's see first off:
Yes, when the green lights freeze up internet connectivity & WiFi both non-function.

I do get a Red Light but usually this is when the modem is re-booting and then it also changes to Green. I believe it is the Service Light that goes from Red to Green.

Help me understand what you mean by a bad Port? I take it this may be at the CO correct?

I can ask my neighbor's this coming week if they are having issues but so far we have not seen any ATT service trucks but at our house only. So by that deduction alone I have to say no for the present....

If during the week coming if a ATT tech has access to test the CO port from my line that would be great. Looking at it from their view point I can understand them possibly getting irritated at me for speaking their language and point to all the troubleshooting I've done. I'm sure they hear that all day long from may residential 'experts' ha...but I started out as an Industrial electrician at a power plant so following wiring diagrams is no big deal for me. So far house circuits function sat.

In fact now that you mentioned it several years ago they had to do a port change in the Houston office (90 miles north east from me) and it took a couple of days to port over. But that was after the poor tech spent over a week trying to capture the fault as it was happening. Which he did and therefore the new port roll over.

Never thought about it until you folks brought it up...! Great thanks for the reminder......now how can I progress from here w/o coming off poorly for trying to tell the provider how to do their jobs......? Don't want to insult anyone just want to correct the issue I'm way pass all the huff & puff stuff.....lol.....

Thanks again all!


End of line

Powder Springs, GA
reply to Chinookman
Is your specific problem related to your not being able to connect w/ the Belkin when this happens ? You didn't answer reg your other LAN devices not working when lockup occurs. Possible something on your LAN communication, maybe one of those apps causing this ? I had a similar problem a while back running something (don't quite remember) from an app that actually locked up my cable modem, which just doesn't happen, stopped using it problem went away.

I know you are trying to access apps for your equipment, but what happens when you take the Belkin out of the equation completely for a while ? Im on VDSL here so I can't really speak for the NVG usage, IPco just isn't the beez kneez IMO.

Probably not a port issue, as ports don't cause equipment "freeze" ups, at least none that I've ever seen, a bad port will usually not swing w/ a problem, it's either defective or it's not. Not sure about the Houston office thing, but most likely your CO location is not quite that far, 90 miles a little bit out of the way for IPco, which is what you have.

Now for saving grace of the question, maybe there might be a network side problem, specifically on the field side, so unless someone has actually tested and verfied that plant conditions are kosher for your connection and discussed this w/ you, there is no way to know. Maybe posting some stats would help to see exactly what the modem is getting.

BTW, I'm w/ you on the BS thing, clearing cookies does nothing for the NVG operation, not the tech's fault, they just don't know.

Just my 2c.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Chinookman
Buy a different model of modem. I had nothing but intermittent problems with the NVG-510. I went through two of them before I just gave up and got a different model.
I got a Motorola AT&T 2210-02-1ATT and have not had any problems since then.
I paid $25 for it on ebay. All you have to do is plug it in, there is no activation.

The 2210 is only single port with no wifi, so you need your own wifi router to connect to this modem.
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.

Bay City, TX
reply to Canezoid
OK well I use the Belkin Extender for access to garage and wife using laptop in the kitchen ......She's not a techie so she does not access you tube via TV , DVD so usually the failures are random and in the evenings is when I'm home trying to watch vids and it acts up on me as well....meaning throughout the day as she's using her laptop she uses the little ladder to reach the modem and do the power cord thingy he...he...he yeah she no happy camper....he...he..he....

However, I will remove the two CAT-5 cables on the range extender just to remove reduce any possibilities. Normally the DVD player is never on unless I'm trying to watch videos which BTW is a new deal for me cause I just found this option a few days ago.......

So, yes it locks up with no request from a WiFi device...but my Atrix-2 phone does transfer from the local modem to the extender, which I use the email clients and browser while piddlin' 'round (is that a word?) in the garage......

Your correct the CO is about 2 miles from the house but the ATT spt. told me they were doing magic stuff in Houston so my comments are just a SWAG....!..


Bay City, TX
reply to r81984
Almighty hey that's worth a shot thanks......buy the modem and then get a WiFi router from BB well better then thrashing through another 4 modems Ha.....

Thanks.....appreciate the help and the set up ....


reply to Chinookman
Has your problem been fixed yet?

Bay City, TX
Not sure b-u-t ....being cautious....(and thanks for the follow up greatly appreciated!)

Here is what I did......I moved the 2.4ghz ATT cordless phone another 5 feet. So in a triangle method it was about 4 feet from the wall where the modem is. So I moved it to the adjacent wall and from that corner it is 6 foot or so......straight shot it is about 7-8 feet....or so......since then no WiFi red light nor any modem freezing up and I can access you tube via Direct TV apps......the only fail is the DVD Panasonic player no longer communicating with the network though it did on occasion a week ago or so ....... If the DVD player will not connect then I will ignore that and upgrade later since it will not play FLV disks.......

In summary for now it seems to be behaving and will continue to watch it with a wary eye.......
Thanks and have a great weekend....