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New York
reply to SoonerAl

Re: easy way to easily transfer from PC A to PC B...

said by SoonerAl:

TeamViewer (free for personal use) has VPN and/or file transfer functionality.


You can setup a predetermined password ahead of time and configure TeamViewer as a service so it is on when the server computer starts. They also have a web interface versus a client mode if you want to use that.

The screen shot is a file transfer example session with me accessing my wife's computer, named Spokane, (on the other side of the house) from my laptop then selecting a file to copy over to my laptop. This works equally well across the public internet.

Note the TeamViewer session is encrypted so even if you don't use the VPN function your safe as long as you use a strong password.



I also use SkyDrive to sync certain files and photos among our two Windows computers and an iPod Touch. If I want to I can also allow others, ie. family for example, access certain files and photos. I happen to have 25 GByte of SkyDrive storage. I believe the current limit for a free account is 5 GByte without paying extra fees.

cool thanks!